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Bote-Cote Pour on Gloss


Pour on Gloss by Bote-Cote


Pour On Gloss is a two part epoxy resin product specially design to create deep, high gloss, clear decorative coatings for wood and other materials. It is poured over a level surface and then sets to a hard, strong, non-brittle, glossy coating. It is not recommended for outdoor use without further coatings and should not be subject to high temperatures such as cooking utensils. Pour On Gloss is resistant to most household liquids.

Kit contains container of resin and a container of hardener, mixing cups, stirring sticks, gloves and instructions








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Weight .025 kg
Dimensions .02 × .02 × .02 cm

250ml Kit, 500ml Kit, 1Lt Kit, 2Lt Kit, 4Lt Kit