Bote Cote Luci Clear Casting Resin


Bote-Cote Luci Clear Casting Resin is a 2 pack epoxy system.  To use it you mix 2 parts of resin to 1 part of hardener by volume which starts a chemical reaction between the resin and the hardener.  The system is formulated for very low heat production, excellent bubble release and a very very good water white ultra clear finished casting.  When the chemical reaction completes, it yields an ultra clear, hard, glassy material.

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Bote-Cote Luci Clear Casting Resin

The Australian made Bote-Cote Luci Clear Casting Resin you can use to make river tables and to cast specimens.  It is easy to make castings 50mm or more deep in a single pour, without any residual trapped air bubbles to spoil the work. Bote-Cote Luci Clear Casting Resin has very little heat generation during cure.  Our customers tell us it is the clearest, most water like clear epoxy casting resin they have seen.

Water White Crystal Clear.

  • The clearest, least yellow that we have ever seen.
  • Embedded specimens can be viewed with perfect clarity.

Very low heat generation during cure.

  • Does not drive air bubbles out of embedded or adjoined timber (etc) pieces.
  • Will not damage embedded items from heat generation.

Slow cure.

  • Allows time for any bubbles incorporated during mixing to rise and dissipate.

Low viscosity

  • Can do deep castings in a single pour with absolutely no trapped bubbles and no need for a vacuum pump/chamber to remove air bubbles.

No shrinkage on curing, unlike other resin types.

Contains UV absorbers to improve UV resistance.

Comprehensive instructions.

  • Make it easy to get fantastic results first time, and every time.

Has unlimited shelf life.

  • Bote-Cote Luci Clear Casting Resin does not deteriorate with time.  It does not have a shelf life.

Formulated in Australia (Queensland).  

  • Technical advice is available from chemists who formulated the product.
  • Uses modern epoxy components to help protect the users health.

Luci Clear Casting Resin is a 2 parts Resin to 1 part Hardener mix. It comes in 750ml, 1.5 Litre, 3 Litre, 6 Litre, 12 Litre and 30 Litre kits.

Each kit contains Resin and Hardener plus detailed instructions for small or large pours or click here for instructions




















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Weight .025 kg
Dimensions .02 × .02 × .02 cm

375ml Kit, 750ml Kit, 1.5Lt Kit, 3Lt Kit, 6Lt Kit, 12Lt Kit, 30Lt Kit