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The company, established in Villa Verucchio (Rn) in 1982, today places itself at the top level for expertise and professionalism in the field of aluminium and PVC working machinery manufacturing industry.

Our experience of several years, the reputation of our company, together with our elevated professionalism results in LGF’s outstanding position among undisputed leaders, being the point of reference for customers in more than 40 countries of the world.

The ingredients that made the vertical development of LGF possible during its existence and especially in the last decade are, unquestionably, various: competence, courtesy, passion, diligence, and constant research and innovation are the main components, obviously coupled with the supply to the companies to equip of consulting activities during their projecting phase and installation and test drive during the realization phase of the establishment of a new plant, with training courses designed for both workers and the personnel responsible for the use of the machines.

Beyond all doubt one of the factors that mostly contributed to the success of our company is our continuous, precise, effective, and timely after sale assistance service both in terms of technical support to the clients and in terms of spare parts supply. Without using false modesty we can resolutely declare that LGF is able to offer a product which is technically advanced and characterised by extreme robustness, with an optimal quality/price ratio, and also to offer to our customers an excellent flexibility and a variety of products that easily meets any company requirement. All this whole of components finds its best expression in our staff, characterised by the highest degree of motivation and spirit of collaboration, always supporting the cause of LGF in the world.

You will find all the above mentioned peculiarities in the whole production by LGF, that today is able to offer to its customers:

  • Manual and CNC working centres with three or four axes
  • Double head cutting off machines, manual, semi automatic, and CNC
  • Single head cutting off machines manual and automatic
  • End milling machines
  • Single and double head copy routers, manual and automatic
  • Waterslot routers, from one to three heads
  • Crimping and with glue injection machines
  • Bending machines
  • Drilling machines
  • Infeeding -outfeeding material supports with rollers for cutting off machines
  • Work benches, with digital display and CNC
  • Trolleys
  • Vacuum-cleaners



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