Record Power DX1000 Fine Filter 45 Litre Extractor


Ideal if limited by budget or if a dedicated extractor is required for a single machine. If usage changes over time there are a wide range of accessories available to increase functionality.
The DX1000 is a high filtration extractor designed to filter down to 0.5 microns to minimize the amount of harmful dust in the workshop. Particularly useful for fine dust producers such as saws or sanders. This is a compact but powerful machine ideal for workshops with limited space or budget.


The DX1000 Fine Filter 45 Litre Extractor:

Product Features

  • Washable Filters:
  • Single Motor:
  • Two Stage Filtration:
  • Heavy Duty Cloth Filter



Technical Information

  • Filtration:0.5 Micron
  • Air Flow:53 litres / second
  • Capacity:45 litres
  • Motor output :1.0 kW
  • Weight:11 kg
  • Size:H620 x W530 x D360 mm

Additional information

Weight 160 kg
Dimensions 645 × 1035 × 1515 m


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