Laguna Tools is the industry leader in providing award-winning woodworking machinery including bandsaws, table saws, jointers and much more. Whether you are a professional woodworker or a hobbyist, Laguna is known for providing quality equipment with great performance.

We at MMVIC supply a comprehensive range of Laguna machinery in Melbourne, including:


Our extensive collection of Laguna bandsaws comes with the largest resaw capability in the industry. All our bandsaw includes Laguna’s patented, award-winning, heavy-duty cast-iron tables and ceramic guides.

  • Laguna 14 BX Bandsaw
  • Laguna 14” Bandsaw 14 | Twelve
  • Laguna 18 BX Bandsaw
  • Laguna LT14 SUV Bandsaw


Utilising advanced technology, Laguna Jointers not only allows more carbide inserts but also ensures a smoother finish, longer lifespan, lesser noise and vibration.

  • Laguna 12″ Parallelogram Jointer with Shear-Tec
  • Laguna 6” Jointer
  • Laguna 6” ShearTec II Jointer
  • Laguna 8” Parallelogram Jointer with Shear-Tec
  • Laguna Jointer 8″ Wedgebed Jointer with Shear-Tec


Laguna Tablesaws are uniquely designed to maintain a truly flat tabletop for smoother operation while elevating and lowering the blade. It also offers minimal blade deflection and vibration

  • Laguna Fusion F3 Tablesaw
  • Laguna Fusion F2 Tablesaw
  • Laguna Platinum Dovetail 10″ Tablesaw
  • Laguna Platinum Dovetail 10″ Tablesaw (30″ rails)


To achieve better finishes and removals, there’s nothing better than Laguna Planers. With cutting-edge technology and highest quality material, you will never go for Planers other than Laguna’s.

  • Laguna 25” HD Thicknesser with Shear-Tec
  • Laguna Planer 20” 4 Post Planer
  • Laguna Planer 16″ ShearTec II
  • Laguna Planer 20” HD Planer
  • Laguna 20” HD Thicknesser

Besides this, we also have a full line of Laguna dust collectors, shapers, sanding machines, lathes, sanders and edgebaners.

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