Pleated Cartridge Filters to suit most portable extractors


Pleated Cartridge Filters to suit most portable extractors                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              The healthiest dust extraction air filter for you the operator. The Anti Static Pleated Filter canister will economically regenerate your struggling dust extractor back to its maximum performance, assist you in providing a cleaner healthier working environment and saving you money in efficient running cost.

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Product Features

  • External handle for rotating internal cleaning brush
  • Zinc Plated steel construction
  • Non woven anti static PTFE pleated filter medium
  • Steel mesh to protect the filter from mechanical damage
  • Quick install and release metal adaptor ring
  • Transparent disposable polyethylene woodwaste collection bags
  • Unique V-weave design provides more filtering area
    than standard filter bags.

Want to improve the efficiency even further?

MM Vic,s years of experience in Dust Control, has led them to develop unique modification to new and existing dust extractors along with the addition of our standard Pleated Filter Cartridges.

These modifications can only be undertaken in our service department in Melbourne.  If you would like more information, and a quote on this service, please contact our sales department

How to clean the filter

To clean the canister filter, first turn off the dust collector motor & rotate the handle in both directions. This action moves the paddle or brush inside the filter which in turn vibrates the pleats releasing the built up dust into the collection bag. Once the poly bag is 3/4 full, you just tie up the bag and dispose of safely.

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions .700 × .700 × .1100 cm
Size: Diameter x Height

370x600mm, 400x500mm, 400x1000mm, 510x610mm, 510x1000mm, 600x1000mm