Woodman DE7000CK Dust Extractor


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Product Features

  • For small to medium workshops
  • Separates the bulky wood waste from the air system as it enters the dust collection chamber
  • Cyclone is designed to remove potentially destructive objects before they can enter the impeller
  • The cyclone is more efficient because it consolidates saw dust into an easy to empty container
  • Automatic cleaning of canister, internal filter brush cleans filter when cyclone fan is turned off


Technical Information

  • Fan capacity: CFM
  • Inlet diameter: 250mm
  • Drum capacity: 200Litre
  • Sound rating: 75-85dB
  • Filter cartridge: 600 x 1500mm
  • Filter cleaning: Automatic
  • Motor: 7.5HP, 3PH
  • Dimensions (W x L x H): 1100 x 1600 x 2510mm

Additional information

Weight 244 kg
Dimensions 1.100 × 1.600 × 2.510 cm