Laguna Supermax 25/50 Wide Drum Sander CE Model*


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Laguna Supermax 25/50 Wide Drum Sander CE Model*

The designers of the Supermax 25-50 Drum Sander from Laguna, addressed issues common with other drum sanders by engineering exclusive features. No other drum sander on the market has these features!

Built-in Digital Read Out helps maintain consistent thicknesses to increase accuracy and output quality.

Simple Adjustment Feature: Just one nut adjusts the conveyor to parallel the sanding head, making aligning the conveyor to the sanding head quick and easy.

Flawless Wide Sanding: When sanding stock wider than 635mm (25”) and making 2 passes, the index lever will properly adjust the conveyor to give a seamless finish.

Easy Height Adjustment: A thrust bearing below the handle and a nut positioned above prevents the drum from moving out of the set position while sanding. No backlash or slop in the height adjustment mechanism allowing for easier and more smooth height adjustments.

The drum will always keep Perfect Alignment. The drum carriage is bolted to the base, preventing any movement or alignment issues.

INTELLISAND Technology automatically adjusts the feed speed according to load! This technology provides a consistent finish, even with varying grain pattern and density. Prevents gouging and burning of stock.

Flatness Guarantee: The precision flattened steel conveyor bed, reinforced with four steel cross sections means no flex, guaranteeing flatness to 0.25mm across the width of the sander.

An abrasive conveyor belt provides the best grip on raw timber, giving you the ability to accommodate stock that is much shorter or thinner.

Patented abrasive attachment system effectively tensions the abrasive wraps, preventing loosening abrasive and overlaps.

Easiest access to the abrasive fastening of any drum sander! Extra wide space eliminates the need for special tools and extra skinny fingers!

Adjustable tension rollers to eliminate snipe.

Heavy cast iron construction.

Supplied with 1 x 80G wrap.

Closed cabinet style stand with built-in castors, or basic open stand are optional extras – not included.


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Supermax 25-50 Drum Sander

Brand Laguna
Warranty 2 Years
Motor 1350w (1.75hp)
Drum Diameter 127mm (5") x 635mm (25")
Drum Speed 1400 rpm
Dust Port/s 100mm (4")
Gross Weight 128kg
Minimum Stock Thickness 0.8mm (1/32")
Maximum Stock Thickness 100mm (4")
Workshop Footprint (WxDxH) 1170mm x 685mm x 610mm
Feed Rate 0-3 m/min (0 - 10 fpm)
Shipping 1150mm x 1150mm x 815mm
Nett Weight 120kg
Conveyor motor 40w (1/20hp)
Maximum width 635mm (25") / 1270mm (50")

Additional information

Weight 180 kg
Dimensions 120 × 70 × 120 cm