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Wetstone Sharpening Jigs

WG250/A Gouge Jig

Use to sharpen: • Bowl gouges • Spindle gouges • V-tools • Fingernail profile tools $49.99

WG250/B Short Tool Jig

Use to sharpen: • Carving tools • Turning gouges • V-tools $26.00

WG250/C Straight Edge Jig

Use to sharpen: • Bevel edge chisels • Plane irons • Skew chisels $49.99

WG250/D Plane Camber Jig

Use to sharpen: • Camber planer blades up to 3” wide $79.99

WG250/E Scissor Jig

Use to sharpen scissors. $49.99

WG250/F Side Wheel Sharpening Jig

Use to sharpen scrapers. $26.00

WG250/G Short Knife Jig

Use to sharpen: • Knives up to 4” in length • Pocket knives • Small cutlery knives $44.00

WG250/H Long Knife Jig

Use to sharpen: • Knives over 4” in length • Large knives • Large cutlery knives • Draw knives $49.99

WG250/I Tool Rest Jig

Use to sharpen: • Scrapers • Screw drivers • Cabinet scrapers • Hollowing tools • Spoke shave blades $26.00

WG250/J Axe Jig

Use to sharpen: • Carving axes • Carpenter’s axes $26.00


Additional information

Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 cm

WG250/A Gouge Jig, WG250/B Short Tool Jig, WG250/C Straight Edge Jig, WG250/D Plane Camber Jig, WG250/E Scissor Jig, WG250/F Side Wheel Sharpening Jig, WG250/G Short Knife Jig, WG250/H Long Knife Jig, WG250/I Tool Rest Jig, WG250/J Axe Jig