Record Power SS16V 16″ Variable Speed Scrollsaw With Light


Record Power SS16V 16″ Variable Speed Scrollsaw With Light

Record Power

A Scrollsaw is a versatile addition to any workshop, bringing with it the ability to cut intricate shapes in a wide range of materials and even working from the inside out. From simple and delicate small scale cabinet work to intricate fretwork and toys, the SS16V Scrollsaw opens up a whole new world of possibilities, offering an enjoyable and relaxing way to express creativity.
A real benefit of this machine is the variable speed which gives the versatility to cut a range of different materials. Slower speeds can be used for the cutting of plastic and non-ferrous metals, while faster speeds can be used for cutting wood up to 50 mm thick.
Importantly, the blade can be quickly and easily changed to minimise interruptions to work-flow, particularly when cutting intricate pieces. The SS16V accepts both pin end and plain end blades – Pin end blades slot easily onto the jaws directly and plain end blades are attached using the supplied blade holders, which can be secured in position using the plain blade setting jig built into the machine.



Product Features

  • Tilting Table
  • Smooth and Responsive Variable Speed
  • Dust Extraction Port
  • Built in Plain Blade Setting Jig
  • Integral Work Light
  • Accepts Pin End Blades
  • Accepts Plain End Blades
  • Adjustable Dust Blower & Safety Clamp
  • Universal Jaws
  • Dust Blower
  • Blade Storage Drawer


Technical Information

  • Throat depth: 406 mm (16″)
  • Maximum depth of cut: 50mm
  • Speeds: 550 – 1600RPM
  • Motor input P1: 0.09 kW
  • Table Tilt:0-45°
  • Motor output P2: 0.042 kW
  • Weight: 12kg
  • Size: L600 x W330 x H360 mm

Additional information

Weight 12 kg


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