RECORD POWER DP58P Heavy Duty Pedestal Drill with 50″ Column and 5/8″ Chuck


Record Power
When it is critical to drill a hole at a certain angle or the hole needs to be stopped at a specific depth, there really is no substitute for a dedicated drilling machine. By setting up the work piece and clamping it to the table all guesswork is eliminated and accurate and repeat drilling becomes simple and easy. Record Power have long had a reputation for fine drilling machines and our current range is no exception. Making extensive use of steel and cast iron and driven by a powerful induction motor, the DP58P can be expected to give reliable service for many years. The headstock in particular is made from a large casting to give rigidity and absorb vibration. The large, heavy table is fitted with rack and pinion rise and fall. The machine has 12 speeds, making it suitable for drilling metal as well as wood. This is particularly useful as most woodworkers have the occasional need to drill metal for hinges, brackets and plating etc. and it can be very frustrating to have the right machine for the job but not the right speeds. Record Power have a high reputation for quality drilling machines and we believe that when this machine is compared to others in the market at similar (or greater) prices the value for money it represents will be quickly appreciated.

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Product Features

Pulley System

The DP58P has a twelve speed pulley system, to offer a wide range of speeds for wood and metal.

Tilting Table

The cast iron, table has built in locating slots to allow for a vice to be securely held in place and can be tilted to allow for drilling at angles up to 45º.

Powerful Induction Motor

The motor is able to deal with tight grained hardwoods and even metals with ease.

Cast Iron Handwheel

The cast iron handwheel is ergonomically designed for user comfort.

Rise and Fall

The rack and pinion rise and fall makes adjustment easy.

Technical Information

  • Throat Depth:190 mm
  • Depth of Feed:80 mm
  • Chuck to Table:668 mm
  • Chuck to Base:1154 mm
  • Speeds:180, 250, 300, 400, 480, 580, 970, 1280, 1410, 1540, 2270, 2740 rpm
  • Motor:1 hp
  • Chuck:2 Morse Taper / 16 mm
  • Weight:67 kg
  • Size:H1635 x W365 x D610 mm

Additional information

Weight 90 kg
Dimensions 65 × 40 × 100 cm