Panel Pro Vertical Panel Saw (1270mm Crosscut)


If you have tried to cut big panels with a hand-held saw, you know that the panel can bind an kick back the saw. If you cut big panels on a small table saw, you know that it is hard to support the sheet and push it through safely and accurately, while the running saw blade is exposed above the surface of the sheet.Have a two man job and only one man on deck?  The Panel Pro is your answer! This economical saw makes it easy to handle those big sheets of wood or plastic and cut them accurately – horizontally or vertically. One operator can cut large sheets of material into finished sizes or into sizes that are easy to handle for further processing with the Panel Pro. Then store it away with ease when not in use. The functionality and portability of the Panel Pro means you can use it in your shop or take it right to the job site.

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Product Features

A new kind of saw that makes it easy to handle those big sheets and cut them accurately

  • The running saw blade is always behind the panel, and the vertical frame supports the panel safely while you do the cutting
  • Comes completely and ready to assemble in less than 15 minutes.
  • A professional quality saw motor that has been specifically adapted to this use is included with the tool
  • The unique frame is fabricated on computer-controlled machine tools, assuring easy assembly and accuracy in use
  • Easy to store in your store. It tucks into a corner and can be pulled out for jobs when needed.
  • Standard Equipment:
    – 12amp Bosch saw motor
    – 16 gauge galvanized steel frame
    – Welded guide tube assembly
    – Quick change rotating saw head
    – Folding tubular steel stand
  • Optional:
    – Wheels (pair)
    – Vertical ruler
    – Horizontal rulers(2)

Technical Information

Maximum cross cut: 1270mm

  • Maximum Rip cut: 2440mm
  • Maximum board thickness: 38mm

Additional information

Dimensions 1200 × 1200 × 1270 cm