Magnetic Knife Setting Jig


Suitable for all types of jointers and thicknesses. Simply adjust the jigs for the correct diameter cutter head and length of extrusion of the blade from the cutter head. Put your planer knives into the cutter head and set the jig over the planer blade. Two rare-earth magnets hold the jig onto the cutter head whilst pressure is being applied to the knives for tightening the clamping bar. Allows perfect setting of blades on any type of cutter head.

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Magnetic Knife Setting Jig

Product Features

  • The Knife Setting Jig will help you set your Planer Knives quickly and accurately (using micro adjustable magnets).
  • The Jig holds the knife firmly in position allowing the use of both hands to tighten the gibs / set screws.
  • Keeps knives in perfect alignment while setting.
  • Pair comes in wood box

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 10 cm