Maggi Boring System 35

Single head boring machine


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Product Features

  • Patented Spiral System – Device for boring depth adjustment allowing an easy and quick set-up on a millimetric scale according to the different drill lengths.
  • Patented Safety Clamps – Maggi safety clamps allow a prompt setting, guaranteeing a perfect hold and the highest safety for the operator.
  • Side Reference Fences – quick and easy positioning thanks to numeric counters having first spindle axis as the main reference point.
  • Out of Square Panel Compensation System – Innovative device allowing the angular adjustment of the side fences so as to guarantee the highest accuracy of the match between out of square panels.
  • Side fences can be quickly and easily removed if not needed.
  • The rear fence allows the execution of transversal boring cycles up to maximum 300mm without need for an extra long fence.
  • Product feature
  • Product feature

Technical Information

  • No. of spindles (lft red – rt black): 35 (17-18)
  • Interaxis between spindles: 32mm
  • Interaxis between first and last spindle: 1088mm
  • Max boring depth: 85mm
  • No. of clamps: 2
  • Max dimensions of the working piece: 1335 x 3000 x 60mm
  • Max height of clamps from working table: 65mm
  • No. of motors: 2
  • Motor power: 2HP (1,5Kw)
  • Motor r.p.m. (50 Hz): 2800 rpm
  • Working air pressure: 6-8 bar
  • Standard air pressure consumption: 15 l/cycle
  • Dust suction diameter: 80mm
  • Overall dimensions: 1670 x 990 x 1280 mm
  • Height of the working table: 860mm
  • Package dimensions: 1520 x 1060 x 1120mm
  • Net/gross weight: 375/425kg

Additional information

Weight 425 kg
Dimensions 1520 × 1060 × 1120 cm