Luci Clear Coating Resin


Mixing Ratios

LuciClear Coating Resin’s mixing ratio is 2 parts Resin to 1 part Hardener by volume. Measure and mix components in the same measuring cup to a maximum volume of 500ml at a time. Mixing too much resin can cause the mixture to overheat and gel too quickly. Mixing more hardener than the recommended ratio will not make the resin harden faster. Instructions are included in the kit.

Pot and shelf life

The pot life of LuciClear Coating Resin varies on the ambient temperature. However, if the temperature is above 15°C, prepare your resin and use immediately as curing will commence once the components are mixed. Sealed in their separate bottles, the LuciClear Coating Resin components have a virtually unlimited shelf life.


LuciClear Coating Resin will gel in a few hours, touch dry in a minimum of 24 hours. After approximately 3 days the finish will become hard enough to withstand normal wear. The curing time will be longer in cool climates. The product will cease curing in temperatures below 15°C, use a heat gun or heat the room until the finish is cured.


You may repair or refinish LuciClear Coating Resin. Sand the surface with 80 grit sandpaper ensuring all the gloss is removed. Clean the surface thoroughly, including washing the surface with detergent and rinsing. Keep your surface looking great by overcoating. Full instructions are provided with the kit.

Post Curing

LuciClear Coating Resin may be post cured. Post curing will help the finish resist marring from hot objects such as coffee cups. Preserve the finish of your piece by post curing. Full instructions are provided with the kit.

Buffing and polishing

LuciClear Coating Resin may be buffed and polished to a high gloss. Be the talk of town with your new shiny bar

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LuciClear produce a broad range of easy-to-use casting resins, coloured pigments and epoxy finishes for wood and composite materials. If you are into deep pour epoxy casting, river tables, epoxy art or epoxy finishing - LuciClear have a product for your project.

Do you want a super clear, super durable clear topcoat for your project? If so, then check out LuciClear Coating Resin.

Available in 6 different sized kits, please select your preferred size from the dropdown menu

Sometimes you just need to go hard and clear. If you are building a proper bar, or you want a durable clear finish for your new dining table build - you need a super clear and super durable finish. In addition, you want a finish that is quick and easy to apply. A product that does not require fancy finishing equipment such as a spray gun.

LuciClear Coating Resin

LuciClear Coating Resin is a 2-pack (2 parts Resin to 1 part Hardener) epoxy self-levelling coating system that cures to a very durable, high gloss finish. It is ideal for bar tops, tabletops, trophies, displays and protecting some art works.

Super Clear

LuciClear Coating Resin contains UV filtering additives to help resist UV degradation. This means your topcoat will resist yellowing and stay super clear with a high optical clarity for longer. The LuciClear Coating Resin also produces a thick deep finish, the equivalent of many coats of conventional varnish. Deep and clear, your project will look amazing.

Super durable

Epoxy makes a very durable finish and is used broadly as an industrial finishe. Epoxy coatings last longer than most other types of coating and are extremely scratch resistant. You will enjoy many years of clear, scratch resin finishing thanks to LuciClear.

Minimise bubbles

LuciClear Coating Resin has been engineered for excellent air release to minimise bubbles in your finish. If used in accordance with the instructions, bubbles in your resin finish will be a thing of the past.

Easy to use

LuciClear Coating Resin is easy to use. Firstly, mix the two parts of the product in accordance with the included instructions. The product is then simply poured onto the surface. Because LuciClear Coating Resin is self-levelling, the product will spread out evenly and cure at room temperature.

What’s in the kit?

LuciClear Coating Resin kits 375ml, 750ml and 1.5L include:

  • LuciClear Coating Resin Part A and Part B
  • 2 x 250ml mixing cups
  • 2 x wooden mixing paddle
  • 2 x pairs of rubber gloves
  • Comprehensive instructions

LuciClear Coating Resin kits 3.0L, 6.0L and 12.0L come as a two-part resin pack only.

Who are LuciClear?

LuciClear is a 100% Australian product manufactured by Boatcraft Pacific.

Additional information

Weight .025 kg
Dimensions .02 × .02 × .02 cm

375ml Kit, 750ml Kit, 1.5Lt Kit, 3Lt Kit, 6Lt Kit, 12Lt Kit