Laguna Resaw King Bandsaw Blades



Resaw King Blades. C4 Carbide teeth, triple varitooth design individually brazed and ground. Blade cuts ultra-smooth, wafer thin veneers with minimal waste. KERF 1.5mm, 2/3 TPI with variable spacing (12,14 and 16mm) to reduce vibration. Resharpen up to 5 times.

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 Laguna Resaw King Bandsaw Blades

Product Features

The Resaw King Bandsaw Blades are perhaps the world’s finest resawing blade. Manufactured with C4 carbide teeth, this blade allows you to cut ultra-smooth, wafer-thin veneers with minimal waste. Woodworkers demanding the best will be impressed. The triple vari-tooth design minimizes vibration and lowers harmonics. Teeth are individually brazed and ground to perfection using diamond wheels on our custom-built Shark grinder designed exclusively for this blade.

The Resaw King is the ideal blade for anyone cutting hardwoods or exotics, providing ultra smooth cut quality with minimal material loss. Nearly a decade in the making, the Resaw King has been skillfully finessed into one of the best woodworking blades in the world. Created by Torben Helshoj, an award winning woodworker, the Resaw King displays his passion for the art. Made from a C4 carbide tipped alloy, the Resaw King can be resharpened 4-5 times! Variable tooth spacing significantly reduces vibration while producing sleek smooth cuts. This dynamic blade also cuts down wood waste due to its ultra-thin kerf and backing material, saving you money.


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 10 cm
Bandsaw Model

Most Cast Iron 14", Laguna 14-Twelve /14BX, Laguna 14SUV, Carbatec OAV 17", Old JWBS 18"(1" wide), Old JWBS 18"(3/4" wide), Newer JWBS 18", Carbatec OAV 19", Laguna LT 18-3000 (1-1/4"), Laguna LT 18-3000 (1"), Hammer 4400