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The Laguna Jointers have been overhauled with a whole new aesthetic and function. The Laguna 8″ Jointer now features a Helical Spiral Cutterhead with 3 rows of 10 providing a total of 30 four sided high quality tungsten carbide cutters as standard. What does this mean? The ultimate in quiet operation, with a premium fine finish on even the crankiest grain! Helical cutterheads have become the “go-to” option for the finest finish possible off the blade and while eliminating tear-out can never be guaranteed with so many variables, these heads offer the best solution for all timbers, including figured, irregular and interlocked grain.

The new Parallelogram bed adjustments bring what was previously only a premium option on larger jointers, to the entire range as a standard feature! A parallelogram beds adjustment follows the arc of the cutterhead, maintaining an appropriate distance between the cutters and table edge, limiting any hazardous risk and snipe potential. The Parallelogram adjustment features a larger easy-to-read height scale and is lever operated for super smooth and easy adjustment with little effort.

The bed is constructed of ground and polished cast iron, along with the fence, for the ultimate in heavy duty stability. The fence can be tilted and has pre-set stops at 45 and 90deg respectively, but can be locked at any position between. On the Laguna 8″ Jointer, it also features a micro-adjust mechanism! An extension roller has been built in to the infeed bed, that can be extended out further for those times you are working with longer material and require more support – without the need for an additional roller stand.

You’ll find your control panel including a magnetic no-volt-release on/off and an E-Stop locking switch, mounted conveniently behind and above the infeed bed where you are positioned to begin your cut – no leaning down below the machine. As a further feature, Laguna have installed a full cabinet length “knock-off” bar. What is this? Effectively an E-Stop that can be operated with your hand or leg from any position along the cabinet! This is a great additional safety feature.

The newly designed solid cabinet is larger and stronger and now features an in-built mobile base system allowing you to relocate your machine in the shop when you need to, without effort and without needing to buy a third-party mobile base. Perfect for smaller workshops that need to tuck the machine away when not in use.

All said, these new models represent exceptional value for a fully featured, high-end quality machine!

  • Large Depth-of-Cut Scale Readout

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Laguna 8" Jointer - Helical Head / Parallelogram Bed

  • Poly V-Belt driven 3HP motor (15amp plug required)
  • Parallelogram Bed Adjustments
  • Extendable Roller support on in-feed table
  • Easy Access Knock-Off Bar
  • Built-in Mobile Base
  • Tilting and Micro-adjustable Fence
  • Large Depth-of-Cut Scale Readout
  • Motor 2200w (3hp) 15 amp plug required
    Cutterhead Helical - 30 Carbide Inserts
    Dust Port/s 1 x 100mm (4")
    Fence Tilt +/- 45° and 90°
    Infeed/Outfeed Roller Extendable Infeed Roller
    Maximum Cutting Width 203mm (8")
    Maximum Depth Of Cut 3.2mm (1/8")
    Rabbeting Capacity 12.7mm (1/2")
    Nett Weight 170kg
    Table Dimensions 203mm x 1829mm (8" x 72")
    Fence Height 114mm x 965mm (4.5" x 38")

Additional information

Weight 230 kg
Dimensions 220 × 70 × 120 cm