JessEm Clear Cut Stock Guides TS-4301


The Clear-Cut TS Stock Guides for table saws are designed to enhance the control and safety of your woodworking projects. These guides are equipped with unique guide rollers that are mounted at a 5° angle. This angle is strategically chosen to provide effective steering of your stock towards the fence.

The angled mounting of the guide rollers creates a situation where they exert more force if the wood attempts to move against the direction of the feed. This added force helps to prevent any unwanted movement and keeps your work securely in position during the cutting process.

To further enhance stability, the guide rollers are fitted with one-way roller bearings. These bearings ensure that each roller spins in the direction of the feed, which helps to prevent kickback. Kickback occurs when the wood is forcefully thrown back towards the operator, and it can be dangerous. The one-way roller bearings play a vital role in reducing this risk by allowing the rollers to rotate freely only in the direction of the feed, effectively minimizing the possibility of kickback.

By utilising the Clear-Cut TS Stock Guides for your table saw, you can achieve smoother and more precise cuts while maintaining greater control over your workpiece. These guides provide secure positioning and help mitigate potential hazards associated with stock movement and kickback.

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JessEm Clear Cut Stock Guides TS

  • Unique guide rollers mounted on a 5° angle effectively steering  your stock towards your fence.
  • Under spring pressure, the Roller arms ensure your work is held firmly in place with rollers fitted
  • One way roller bearings to ensure each roller spins in the direction of the feed to prevent kickback.
  • Grip force urethane rollers hold your stock securely in position
  • Set up is fast and easy
  • Guides lock into position along the track with a twist of the anodized aluminum clamping knobs.
  • Set up is fast and easy.
  • When not in use they tuck away in behind the surface of your fence.
  • The guides have 79mm of total vertical travel and can accommodate a maximum stock thickness of 20mm above the mounting surface when mounted to the t-track.
  • Have complete control of your stock even when routing wide boards or large panels.  The dual action of the guides will pull your work tight to the fence.
  • Guides are CNC machined from 6000 series aluminum and anodized for appearance and durability.
  • Roller axels machined from cold rolled steel and case hardened for durabilty
  • Rollers designed from wear resistant acetal resin
  • Traction tires are molded out of urethane for long life and superior grip.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 82 × 20 × 12 cm