DS300 12″ Cast Iron Disc Sander


DS300 12″ Cast Iron Disc Sander

Record Power

The DS300 is a superbly built and heavy duty disc sander; a real workhorse that will provide years of reliable service in the workshop.
Featuring a cast iron body, disc and table, this machine is more than capable of withstanding heavy sanding tasks. The powerful 1hp motor provides plenty of power and torque to easily handle large sections of timber and the dynamically balanced disc ensures smooth operation.
This machine is in a different league to other disc sanders. When seen in action, the build quality and performance speak for themselves.

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DS300 12" Cast Iron Disc Sander

Product Features

  • The table can tilt up to 45º, giving great flexibility of use, particularly when used in conjunction with the adjustable mitre fence (included).
  • For extra safety and convenience, the disc can be stopped quickly with very little pressure.
  • The rack and pinion mechanism, provides easy and accurate tilt up to 45º.
  • Dust Extraction The DS300 is designed for effective waste extraction; as the machine is used, the dust is thrown down the extraction assembly to the port, ready to be fully removed using a suitable dust extraction machine. For use with a Record Power dust extraction system the optional DX100R57 100-57 mm Reducer for HPLV Dust Extractors must be used.







Technical Information

  • Disc Size:305 mm
  • Table Size:435 x 165 mm
  • Motor input P1:0.8 kW
  • Disc Speed:1420 rpm
  • Motor output P2:0.55 kW
  • Motor:1 hp
  • Weight:33 kg
  • Size:H400 x W510 x D450 mm

Additional information

Weight 42 kg
Dimensions 47 × 59 × 61 cm