10″ x 6″ Belt & Disc Sander


Record Power



This heavy duty belt and disc sander has plenty of power to handle demanding sanding whilst also being capable of fine and delicate work. The solid cast iron table provides ample support and the 1 hp motor provides plenty of power to avoid stalling under pressure.
Shown with optional leg stand.

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10″ x 6″ Belt & Disc Sander


Re-Positionable Belt

Large end grain pieces can be fitted into upright position for end grain work.

Sanding Curves

Curved sanding is made possible using the end of the belt.


Solid cast iron with a finely ground finish and can be tilted to produce bevels.


Disc Size:254 mm (10″)

Belt Size:152 mm (6″)


Table Size:355 x 200 mm

Motor input :0.8 kW

Disc Speed:1400 rpm


Weight:47 kg

Size:H360 x W640 x D530mm


Additional information

Weight 55 kg
Dimensions 75 × 55 × 40 cm

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