403/AUS 16 Startrite Industrial Bandsaw


403/AUS 16 Startrite Industrial Bandsaw (240v 15 amp)

Startrite have long been associated with high quality bandsaws that offer reliable service over many years. The trade range bandsaws draw on that tradition and offer exceptional value for money.
The whole range features large cast iron tables to provide substantial workpiece support. These tables are finely ground to reduce friction and provide an accurate datum. They are seated on heavy cast double trunnions, machined to ensure smooth and accurate movement and also provide rock solid table support over the full range of table positions. The tables themselves are large, heavily ribbed and surface ground for flatness.
The heavy duty band wheels are cast iron – Balanced and fitted with high quality rubber tyres to aid tracking, giving the essential torque needed when performing heavy duty cutting. The top wheels are mounted to heavy duty industrial tensioning systems. Adequate tensioning is critical for accurate, straight cutting and the mechanism fitted to this range is probably the heaviest on the market at this level. For fast and easy blade changing, all models feature a quick-release blade tension system.
The tool posts are made from steel bars mounted in heavy castings and machined with a rack to enable safe and easy rack and pinion adjustment of the upper blade guides and guard. The side guides are industrial ball race bearing guides which offer a good surface area to resist blade twist, having easy and precise adjustment for simple setting. In addition, they are protected by a strong blade guard.
The rip fences are deep and made from heavy extrusions. These are fixed to cast iron mounts which in turn are mounted on steel ground bars that run the full width of the tables to enable easy use of the fences on both sides of the blade.


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403/AUS 16 Startrite Industrial Bandsaw 15 A 240 v

Product Features

  • Lower solid band wheels with tyres fitted, motor fitting and belt tension adjustment rods.
  • Solid cast iron band wheels
  • Quick blade tension release on rear of all models.
  • Switch assembly with rotary operation and mushroom stop.
  • New design band wheel tyres with improved performance.
  • Heavy duty cast table trunnions.

Technical Information

  • Tilting Table:Tilting Table
  • Integral Standard Wheel Kit:Integral Standard Wheel Kit
  • Cast Iron Table:Cast Iron Table
  • Cast Iron Band Wheels:Cast Iron Band Wheels
  • Cam-Action Tensioner:Cam-Action Tensioner
  • Maximum Depth of Cut:280 mm
  • Throat Depth:480 mm
  • Table Size:633 x 485 mm
  • Table Height from Floor:
  • Motor Power:3.0 kW 
  • Blade Length:3530 mm
  • Blade Width Capacity:6-32 mm
  • Blade Speed:1200 m/min
  • Extraction Port Diameter:100
  • Weight:170 kg





Additional information

Weight 170 kg
Dimensions 1700 × 800 × 700 cm

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