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Rustins – Original Danish Oil is different to other oils.!

It’s so easy to apply, gives better results with
less coats, is safe to use & economically priced.

Suitable for a wide range of timbers & applications

Rustin’s DANISH OIL is a special formulation based on “Chinese Wood Oil” also known as “Tung Oil” This natural oil is extracted from nuts, similar in size to a brazil nut which grow on certain species of trees found mainly in China and some areas of South America.

This natural oil is processed and blended with other vegetable oils then some synthetic resins to improve the hardness. The special formulation developed by Rustin’s Ltd ensures Rustin’s DANISH OIL is different to other oils.

The special ingredients allow Rustin’s Danish Oil to penetrate deep into all types of timbers, drying to a hard durable and water resistant seal. The ideal oil to bring out the beauty of all timbers and give a natural low lustre finish to all types of furniture, woodwork, woodturnings & woodcarvings.

In fact just about any wooden surface will benefit from just a few coats of Rustin’s Danish Oil.

RUSTIN’S DANISH OIL is very easy to apply…

* Simply wipe on with a rag or brush on.
* Just 3 to 4 coats on bare timber will produce an excellent natural look finish.
* Is hard, durable & water resistant.
* Dries quickly in 4-6 hours. (dependant on ambient temperature and humidity)
* Excellent quick and easy finish for woodturnings and carvings.
* Is ideal for furniture, doors, wall panelling, window frames, & all interior woodwork.
* Can be used outdoors as long as not exposed to harsh weather, such as direct sunlight and constant wet conditions. (For this use Rustin’s Outdoor Furniture Oil)
* Conforms to safety regulations BS5665 for use on childrens toys.


Rustin’s DANISH OIL can be applied to the timber & burnished on the lathe to a high sheen, which unlike other oils, the shine from Rustin’s will last when handled regularly.

Rustin’s DANISH OIL is ideal for items such as knife handles, wooden pens, candlesticks, peppermills, fruit & nut bowls and so many other applications.

You can achieve great results very quickly and easily with Rustin’s Danish Oil.

SIZES AVAILABLE: 250ml, 500ml, 1 Litre, 5 Litre

COVERAGE: A 1 litre tin will cover approximately 12 -14sq mt/130-150sq ft 1 coat depending on the absorbency of the wood.

SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE – Rustins Danish Oil contains resins which settle to the bottom of the tin. You must vigorously shake the tin each time you use it to ensure the correct mixture and to achieve the best results from this product.

Special Note: All oil finishes in time tend to thicken as the solvent evaporates. To help prevent this ensure you always replace the lid during and immediately after use, this helps keep the air out of the tin. Another trick is to place enough glass marbles in the tin to keep the oil level full to the top, this helps to displace the air (oxygen) which can thicken the oil in time.